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mistakes in development

2012-12-12 03:31:32 by MrRandomist

just a little run down of my thoughts on the aftermath of tumble towers 2 development cycle,

about mid year of 2011 mintpaw and I released Tumble Towers, we thought it was cool at the time and thought we could so much more with it...
so we decided to make a game that the genre was already starting to influx: physics based puzzlers, with a more specific remover element.
We wanted to make the game quite extensive have a in-game editor that anyone could use, have a bazillion shapes and ratios, block types and an in-game community section where people could share their levels.

Sure we did all of that, it did take us a year and a half, learnt lots of things along the way, and discovered we could hold together through a long mucky development cycle that was hindered by university, college and other projects. But we got past that but still hold regret of even making a sequel, because had already invested so much time we couldn't let go of the project.

It then came time to eventually sell it to potential sponsors and because of a few things: its was a sequel, largish file size and the dimensions of the game we didn't get too many bites, and ultimately decided to have a go with ads.
which again was probably a mistake we could have taken a low amount and a lot of restrictions, but ultimately it was decided we didn't.

although tumble towers 2 wasn't what i hoped it turn out to be, i think its a great game and learnt a lot from it.
mistakes are a good learning experience even if you regret having them.

we recently started work on a new game, which hopefully will take much less time and hope to be some what a little ambitious maybe too much at times for just 2 young guys. but we'll see what happens i guess here's some art!

mistakes in development


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2012-12-13 11:55:17

You should be ashamed...

MrRandomist responds:

i bring shame and dishonour on my family.


2012-12-13 12:09:31

I wouldn't call that a mistake. Good luck with next game.

MrRandomist responds:

i can definitely say it was a learning experience, but it probably wasnt a good idea to do a physics puzzle game, they aren't so hot right now.

and good luck yourself with the music


2012-12-13 13:25:50

eat a dick and die

MrRandomist responds:

i can tell you have a way with the ladies