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Entry #35

getting in on the action

3/22/13 by MrRandomist
Updated 2/27/14

here's a screenshot of menu:

getting in on the action


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4/7/13 MrRandomist responds:

cool. this was awhile ago.


3/28/13 MrRandomist responds:





Atmospheric? I dunno...too early to tell. Sound design is also apart of a good atmosphere.

3/23/13 MrRandomist responds:

we've got a really good guy working on that stuff, so far its sounding pretty good.

Looks very atmospheric! :P
Maybe put game name a little lower to the menu?

3/22/13 MrRandomist responds:

what i was aiming for :D
I wanted the title to shine on the purple/pink to get some eye attraction there, however i guess i could move the lot down a tad. cheers.